1 of 3 adults are lonely all or most of the time. Marriage rates are down, suicides are up. Researchers blame time commitments & the Internet.

A Friend 4Life is a person who knows you – warts and all – and still loves you. They support you unconditionally in times of joy and sorrow.

Research shows that people with friends live 7 years longer on average than the lonely.* We give you activities to help you make & deepen friendships.

Why a
Friend 4Life?

Friends help us enjoy live, but they also help extend it –
by 7 years!* That’s more than diet & exercise combined.

How it works

We give you activities for making & deepening friendships, science-based and personalized for your situation.

Test our prototype

We add content every day, for lonely people and popular ones. Test our prototype and tell us what you think.


“Deeply insightful. By the end, I saw the way I build relationships in a new and positive way.

– Matt Hazzard, Doctoral Fellow


– Cindy Swan, Dog Walker

This is a blessing for everyone. It will help lower our stress and is a great resource for physical & mental health.

– Hyder Zahed, Ph.D., scientist

About Us

We are a team of accomplished professionals, committed to helping people make friends

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*Sources: Pomoroy (2019); Holt-Lunstad et al. (2015); Shaw et al. (2000)

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