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How can we trust people and institutions in this global crisis of trust?

Using research findings and case studies, “The Alchemy of Trust” breaks trust down to its base element: Predictability, competence, and values — and provides ways to trust again — without being stupid

Praise for The Alchemy of Trust

“This book is a must read, for entrepreneurs, established businesses and government officials.
– Sir Cyril Taylor GBE, Chairman and Founder of the American Institute for Foreign Study

“Dr. Wainfan shows us the way to recover our trust and faith in people and organizations.”
-The Reverend Romal Tune, Founder, Faith for Change

Virtual collaborations can have different outcomes than face-to-face ones. Dr. Wainfan’s first RAND publication shows how to select the best communications medium (video, phone, text, face-to-face) for the task at hand, and how to avoid common, sometimes-insidious problems.

Choosing best communications medium

As part of their studies on decision-making under deep uncertainty, RAND researchers worked with California water stakeholders to find ways to characterize and plan for climate change. Together, they identified what actions, if any, were needed to address the challenge.

Key to the research was involving and understanding the perspectives of multiple stakeholder types: water managers, planners, board members, technical consultants, public officials, and consumer representatives.

Dr. Wainfan’s 2010 doctoral dissertation defines methods, principles, and tools to help groups agree on strategy despite widely diverse perspectives.

Increasingly, decision-makers must include perspectives (values, beliefs, and expectations) from diverse stakeholders & adversaries. These perspectives can be a barrier to consensus, but if managed well can contribute to a strategy that is relatively insensitive to change.

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